Wednesday, December 2, 2009

adoption vs. ivf

back in may of 2008 we met with our RE, in which we were told our chances of ever conceiving on our own was, in his words, "slim to none". since then we've thought about our two ways of starting our family- adoption or ivf. they are both great ways to bring children into the homes of those wanting to start their family or add to it. we've been trying to decide which is best for us. i/we go back and forth. one month we want to adopt, and the next we want to try ivf.
last night we talked about the two scenarios. i feel i have made up my mind. adoption. i feel that adoption is a guarantee. we will eventually get the baby that is meant to be in our family. with ivf, there is no guarantee. we can spend upwards of $10,000 only to have the procedure fail.
everytime we do sealing ordinances in the temple (we try to go 1x month with my inlaws) i get all emotional thinking of being sealed to our child in the temple. maybe that is heavenly father's way of letting me know that we will adopt and have children sealed to us that way. im not sure. at this point we are diligently saving as much $$ as we can and looking for ways to improve our situation. as much as we want children so badly, we just havent had the urgent feeling to move ahead yet.
have any of you felt this way? how did you come to a decision? i know through prayer we will get our answer. did you pray consistently for an answer of how to start your family before you even felt ready to move forward?